Illiteracy in Germany?
Over 7 million adult German citizens have such minimal reading and writing skills that they are “functional illiterates”. Some recognize letters but cannot read, while others understand simple texts but experience huge problems with writing.
The lack of basic education raises the risk of poverty and places high costs on the economy. Individuals with weak reading and writing abilities frequently hide their difficulties. They fear exposure or loss of their jobs.

Putting functional illiteracy in the spotlight
Within the context of the United Nations Literacy Decade, the German Federal Literacy Association (Bundesverband Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung e.V) will carry out various innovative projects which are supported by the Federal Ministry of education and research by the year 2012.
The highly acclaimed campaign 'Schreib dich nicht ab. Lern Lesen und Schreiben!’ (Don't write yourself off, learn to read and write!') is raising awareness on the subject.
The German Federal Literacy Association is currently involved in the establishment of a foundation.

Active for improved basic education for over 20 years nationwide

The German Federal Literacy Association is the only nationwide service and lobby group of its kind in Germany. It combines both experience and competence gained over 20 years of work in literacy and basic education.
500 persons and institutions are involved as members of this recognised non-profit organisation. The work of the Federation is supported by membership contributions and donations as well as sales revenues.

Help for those who have problems reading and writing
An growing number of individuals overcome their shyness, call the ALFA-TELEFON in Münster and find their way into a suitable course.